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Testimonials from some of our Customers

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"Hi Turtle, Thank you very much for the pics, they provide a nice memory from a great day! Lori and Michael were wonderful instructors! They were knowledgeable, patient, personable and very professional. Indeed I loved the location, and yes, it did bring back happy memories from my childhood near the Amazon River (minus the piranhas, aligators, snakes etc...thank god!). It was a beautiful location, and I will be sure to return with my family and friends as they visit Oahu.

Hope you are feeling better!



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"Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Turtle was a phenomenal experience! Iím a Professional Ski Instructor, as well as a Senior Adjunct Professor. Consequently, I look at the teaching side of things with a very critical eye. Turtle(Wendy) did an outstanding job teaching me to SUP! True to her name (Turtle) I paddled over a Green Turtle, and we paddled past a seal during my lesson. As a first time paddleboarder, I highly recommend Turtle and plan on boarding with her again! GREAT JOB TURTLE!"Mahalo, Turtle!

PS - The website looks great!


John Bulina
Tabernacle, NJ

* * * * * *

I loved my lesson with Turtle! Not only is she knowledgeable and thorough about Stand Up Paddling -- but also about the plants and the island in general. She not only gives you a lesson in SUP, but has interesting information she shares as she gives you a tour while you are practicing your paddling skills. You can tell that she loves what she does and cares about you having the help and information you need for further pursuing paddling - in Hawaii or back on the mainland. And what a great deal for a private lesson! I had so much fun, and Kahana Bay is BEAUTIFUL and quiet. There is a mellow river that we started in and I had no problem getting up on the board and paddling. We went by a section where a new TV show is currently being shot (no filming at the time, but a cool ship prop was there and being worked on).

Turtle was knowledgeable about the show too. The bay was fun, and although I couldn't maintain my stand up position once I hit any bouncy waves, she suggested sitting or kneeling and riding in some waves that way. The area isn't crowded, so you don't feel intimidated by onlookers...not that you'd notice with the beautiful lush green mountain backdrop! And the bay is a nice protected area, usually pretty calm, with a few areas that gets some beginner waves.

The windward side is the place to be!!! My only regret -- having too much fun to remember to reapply sunblock! I didn't want to leave the water! I'm sure if you asked really nice she'd put your sunblock in her pack with your water bottle :)

Thanks Turtle!

Serena Harper
Lehi, UT

* * * * * *

I was fortunate enough while on a Trip to Oahu last winter to spend some time paddling with Turtle on a private tour arranged in secret by my wife. What a great day. Turtle took me to the China man's hat island and then we hiked to the top. Turtle is very knowledgeable of the waters and I felt very safe even though I was still a novice at stand up paddling. She took good care of me on the tricky part of landing on the island. Next we went to a different spot and paddled a few miles up a nearby river which was very exotic and scenic. Ducking under tree branches along the way as the incredible canyon views opened up to us as we got deeper into the jungle.

This adventure was a real highlight of the trip for me. Now I am into paddle boarding and have bought my own board and I adventure out into the open ocean and along the cliffs of southern California beaches, thanks to my confidence building trip I had with Turtle.

I highly recommend Turtle's Paddle Adventures stand up paddle lessons & tours to any one, of any level ability, but we warned, you will love it and want to do more paddle boarding from that moment on.

Rodger Sayles
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

* * * * * *

So stoked for SUP! I was lucky enough to find Turtle as an instructor. I'd been interested in paddle boarding before coming to Oahu and had tried it (unsuccessfully) a couple times before. Seeing people glide across the water looked like so much fun I had to try again!

Turtle is the best instructor you could ask for...not only is her nephew Slater Trout one of the best athletes in the sport, but Turtle knows a lot about paddling as well as the local flora and fauna of Hawaii. She took us paddling in beautiful Kahana Bay and up the river that flows into it. This has to be one of the best paddleboard spots on the island! We had the river to ourselves and Turtle made the trip fun telling us about the surrounding area. Best of all I was able to stand up and paddle after some quick instruction from Turtle!

My experience was so fun that I actually booked another session with Turtle before I went home.

When I got back to my home in Georgia I knew I had to get a board of my own. Turtle was so nice and helpful that she answered a lot of questions I had about finding a board.

Not only did I get the experience of a lifetime and a new hobby...I have a new friend as well! Turtle, I'll definitely call you to paddle again next time I'm in Hawaii!

Toby Beckermann
Marietta, GA

* * * * * *

"So won't be disappointed!!"

I had family visiting from the mainland and got "talked" into trying the sport of SUP; I have to say that I had such a blast, thanks to Turtle!! She was so knowledgeable and thorough w/ her instruction, she offered plenty of advise and shared numerous tips duing the lesson that I was stand up paddling in no time!

We chose Kahana Bay as our location...just beautiful to be surrounded by lush greenery and views of the Ko'Olau mountains! You also have the option to stay on the river, which was calm or to test your skills if you head out into the ocean. I loved that Turtle goes the extra mile to offer photos - such a great memento that I'm able to share!

What I thought was going to be a nervous experience turned out to be so much fun!! Definitely, a lifetime experience that I hope to keep up. Mahalo Turtle!!

Pearl City, Hawaii

* * * * * *

"Best part of my trip to Oahu. HI"

When our family of 7 arrived to Hawaii, my dad was trying to find things for us to do. We were on a budget and he didnt want to spend alot of money on one tourist attraction. We saw Wendy paddling out on the reef, As we were swimming and playing on the beach at a house we rented. My dad said I bet that is fun but has to be expensive to do. We met Wendy and see told us her rates and my dad said "Go for it" we can afford this. At first, I didnt want to go at first because I thought it would be boring but my foster brother talked me into it. I just want to tell Wendy thank you for being patient to all us. She started out slow and next thing I know we were coming back from an adventure that felt like we were on another island. I feel comfortable with the only lesson she gave me and we are planning on going back to the same place next year. I think anybody can paddle board because the boards are so wide and Wendy made sure we knew the basics every before we got into the water. I hope Wendy (aka Turtle) can read this comment. Good Luck and good job...

Anthony A
Fresno, California

* * * * * *

"The Perfect Place to Learn!! So Beautiful!!"

Thank goodness Turtle took us to Kahana Bay. It's the perfect place to start and learn (especially, to balance and turn)! It helped for an easier transition to paddling on the beach side. I loved all the pictures Turtle took. I always get a good laugh of the one with my feet sticking out of the water. Thanks Turtle for all the great instruction. I can't wait to go again!

Nicole E
Fountain Valley, California

* * * * * *

"Highlight of our trip!"

Turtle's adventure was the highlight of our trip! She is a fabulous instructor and an interesting person to talk to. Turtle gave us great instruction and made sure we felt comfortable before venturing out into the water. She was awesome about keeping an eye on our daughter-we felt very safe with her supervision. This location is absolutely breathtaking! I felt like I was out in the jungle away from civilization. Turtle knew all the best picture spots and took nice pictures of us that were waiting for us when we arrived home. I was so impressed by my experience, that I INSISTED my friend take a lesson the following week on HER trip and she was thankful she did! I hope to go back for a second lesson/experience!

Anaheim, California

* * * * * *

"Secret Backwater Best stand-up paddle experience in Oahu!"

By far the best stand up paddle experience in Oahu. I live in Hawaii Kai and didn't even know about the secret backwater area behind Kahana Beach. I had sucha great time, I went out and bought a SUP Board the next day. Wendy was by far the most patient and friendly teacher you could ask for and I was up and paddling within a couple minutes. It was like something between surging and gliding and the tour of the backwaters was an out of this world experience, passing the taro fields and mangroves of Hawaiian plants. You can't get this in Waikiki!

Ryan H
Honolulu, Hawaii

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