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Turtle's Paddle Adventures is owned and operated by Wendy Trout (aka: Turtle). Wendy grew up in Hermosa Beach California and her whole family knew from the very start that she had salt water, sand, and sun running through her veins. Before she was even 2 years old she would regularly escape out of our house and head to the beach. Her parents would always find her on the beach sitting with the life guards. Her Mother was the first female life guard in her home town back in the 1950's!

Turtle (aka: Wendy) - Your Instructor and Tour Guide

Wendy received her nickname "Turtle" while working as a certified scuba diver at a marine park in Florida. There was a Loggerhead turtle named "Bumper" living at the park that just adored and loved her. He would always try to attack the other divers when they got near him but never once tried to attack Wendy. She was able to kiss him on the head and touch him all over his body, thus earning her the nickname "Turtle" from her co-workers. And this nickname has stuck with her ever since. While in Florida she also worked as an alligator handler.

Wendy has lived almost her entire life on the ocean coasts. She was a competitive swimmer in both high school and college and has been a swim instructor and lifeguard. She served in the US Navy and is a combat veteran.

Wendy learned how to Stand Up Paddle from her AWESOME nephew Slater Trout.  Slater won the first ever SUP wave event for ages 18 and under when he was only 12 years old. He has been competing professionally in the sport of Stand Up Paddle surfing and Stand Up Paddle racing ever since. Wendy is also a Stand Up Paddle surfer and Stand Up Paddle racer and has placed in all races. She has helped out with Stand Up Paddle clinics put on by professional elite Stand Up Paddlers, Slater Trout and Helga Goebel.   


Wendy has been teaching Stand Up Paddle since 2009 and has taught in 5 different states, on flat water, open water, down winders, and waves. In addition to Stand Up Paddle Wendy is also an avid snorkeler, kayaker, body surfer, boogy boarder and long boarder.

Wendy worked as a tour guide for Kualoa Ranch for years where she gave 8 of their 9 tours. She was most known at Kualoa Ranch for giving tours about LOST the TV series.

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